Rainbow Corner (Leaded)

This 8-color rainbow corner piece is ready to hang on a window, door, or hallway of your choosing. Perfect way to bring some color into your space!

Each piece is hand cut and ground, then fitted into lead came and soldered together.

Measures at approximately 8.25 inches wide by 8.25 inches tall. Rings are soldered to the edges to make it easy to hang.

Handmade and one of a kind! 


Please be aware that this item contains lead. Handle with care.


NOTE: This item is discounted because the face of the lead came used is slightly too narrow and doesn't cover as much of the edge of the glass in some parts as it should. This flaw is not noticeable unless inspected up close and does not affect the integrity of the piece.

Collections: Rainbow Collection, Stained Glass

Type: Stained Glass

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